for some reason, my irish literature class is located in the business school. at first, i was quite annoyed by this, as that means an extra long walk to class. but i am annoyed no more. as it turns out, the business school is where all the boys are. after a year and a half of taking classes that were dominated by females, i was beginning to wonder if maybe i had accidently enrolled in an all-girls school. but no. there they all are, learning business and what not. 

at the very least, a major in business would probably have meant that there was some hope for employment after i graduate. as it is now, i am convinced i will be living in a cardboard box somewhere. ah, such is the life a stupid liberal arts student. i am sure my knowledge of irish literature will prove to be very useful in my future endeavors as a homeless, jobless bum. 

and now i am off to spend the rest of the day on freaking wordreference.com. because, of course, i have nothing better to do than to translate an entire novel for my business italian class (which, interestingly enough, is not located anywhere near the business school. and which has zero males. aside from giuseppe). 


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